Real Organic Project is a grassroots, farmer-led movement created to distinguish soil-grown and pasture-raised products under USDA organic.

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Real Organic Means Growing Food In Soil



Real Organic Means Raising Animals On Pasture

Real Organic
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Our mission is to grow people’s understanding of foundational organic values and practices; crops grown in soil and livestock raised on pasture are fundamental to organic farming.
Our first goal is to create an add-on label to USDA certified organic to provide more transparency on organic farming practices.

Today, the lobbying efforts of Big Ag have ultimately won, allowing the input-dependent confined animal operations and hydroponic industries to bend the rules for their own benefit.

Family farmers meeting the letter and spirit of organic law are suffering while consumers are once again in need of transparency in the market place.

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Real Organic Farms:

Increase Soil Fertility
Promote Biological Diversity
Rotate Animals on Pasture
Improve the Sustainability of Farm Systems
Build Community


“Real organic farming is a circle of endless renewal and it can succeed wherever there is soil.”
Eliot Coleman