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2020 Symposium Speaker Schedule

Come hear 2 days of Ted-style talks from over 25 organic leaders at the inspiring intersection of agriculture and climate change solutions, this April 3 & 4, at Dartmouth College. Saturday evening keynote address by Paul Hawken, author of Drawdown: The Most Comprehensive Plan Ever Proposed to Reverse Global Warming. Also featuring Eliot Coleman, JM Fortier, Anne Ross, Emily Oakley, Paul Muller and more.

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Friday, April 3

Collis Center | Dartmouth College

Dr. Linley Dixon – ROP Associate Director
9:00 am

Ben Dobson, Hannah Smith-Brubaker, Dag Falck & Will Allen
“Real Organic Farming For Climate”
9:15 am

10:15 am – Break

Glenn Elzinga
“Organic on 70 square miles: connecting soil, human nutrition and climate”
10:45 am

Alan Lewis
“The Organic Supply Chain”
11:05 am

Keynote – David Grinspoon
“Earth In Human Hands: How Do We Act On Our Beliefs?”
11:25 am

12:20 pm – Lunch

Forrest Town & Ralf Carestia
“On The Road: Two Dartmouth Students Join The Real Organic Project”
1:50 pm

Jennifer Taylor
“Lola’s Organic and the Invincibility of the Organic Movement”
2:10 pm

Steffen Reese & Nora Taleb
“Farmer led Add-on labels in the EU”
2:30 pm

2:50 pm – Break

Steve Ela, Jesse Buie, Michael Sligh, Harriet Behar & Dave Mortensen
“Can We Reclaim the National Organic Program? If So, HOW? If Not, What Then?”
3:20 pm

Emily Oakley, Eliot Coleman, JM Fortier & Paul Muller
“How Do We Keep A Strong Organic Movement with a Weakening National Organic Program?”
3:40 pm

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Saturday, April 4

Spaulding Auditorium | Dartmouth College

Linley Dixon
“What is the Real Organic Project?”
9:00 am

Fred Provenza
“Soil, Farming, and Nutrition”
9:25 am

Javier Zamora
“Social Justice In Agriculture: Farming as if Farmers and Farmworkers Mattered”
9:55 pm

Know Your Farmer Video Clips
10:20 am

10:30 am – Break

Anne Ross
“The Organic Grain Fraud: Pulling Organic Down”
10:45 am

Dr. Tyrone Hayes
“David Versus Goliath: One Scientist Versus Syngenta”
11:05 am

JM Fortier
“Never A Better Time to Start a Real Organic Farm”
11:25 am

Paul Muller
“California Rising”
11:45 am

12:05 pm – Lunch

VT Lieut Gov & ROP Farmer David Zuckerman
“Organic Without Soil Is Like Democracy Without People”
1:35 pm

Peter Whoriskey
“Exposing CAFOs in Organic”
1:50 pm

Know Your Farmer Video Clips
2:10 pm

Hugh Kent
“Erosion of Organic Integrity and the Rise of Plastic Farms”
2:20 pm

Emily Oakley
“My Experience with the USDA”
2:40 pm

3:00 pm – Break

Paul Holmbeck
“Organic Movement in Denmark: Hope For Our Future”
3:15 pm

Dave Chapman – ROP Executive Director
“Why A Real Organic Project?”
3:45 pm

Eliot Coleman
“The Generous Earth”
4:05 pm

Saturday Evening Keynote – Spaulding Auditorium

Maine Congresswoman Chellie Pingree
6:30 pm

Paul Hawken
Regeneration: Reversing the Climate Crisis in One Generation
7:00 pm

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