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Executive Board

Meet our Executive Board.

Advisory Board

Paul Hawken head shot
Meet our Advisory Board.

Standards Board

Anne and Jack Lazor in the field at Butterworks Farm with a jersey cow and a corgi dog
Meet our Standards Board.

Real Organic Project Board Members

Executive Board: Paul Muller, Anaïs Beddard, Francis Thicke, and Dave Chapman. Read the Executive Board's bios.

Standards Board: Francis Thicke, Will Brinton, Cameron Molberg, Jay Feldman, Linley Dixon, Michael Sligh, Kate Duesterberg, Pete Johnson, Jim Durst, Jennifer Taylor, Michael Besconson, Anne Lazor, Harriet Behar, Nicole Dehne, and Dave Chapman. Read the Standards Board's bios.

Advisory Board: JM Fortier*, Leah Penniman*, Alice Waters*, Vandana Shiva*, Dan Barber*, Onika Abraham*, Eric Sideman, Alan Lewis, Jim Gerritsen, Emily Oakley, Eliot Coleman, Joan Dye Gussow, Jeff Moyer, Barbara Damrosch, Paul Hawken, Marian Blom, Davey Miskell, Jesse Buie, Zoë Ida Bradbury, Will Raap, Maddie Kempner, Walter Jehne, Dan Kittredge, Lisa Bunin, Ed Maltby, Harriet Behar, Dave Mortenson, Liz Henderson, Stuart Hill, Mary Ellen Chadd, Fred Kirschenmann, Steve Ela, David Montgomery, Anne Biklé, Will Allen, Lisa Stokke, Lynn Ellen Schimoler and Dr. Kris Nichols. Read the Advisory Board's bios. (*New in 2021) 

Real Organic Project Staff

Dave Chapman of Long Wind Farm picks tomatoes in his greenhouse
Dave Chapman

Linley Dixon harvests greens at Adobe House Farm
Linley Dixon

Ariel Pressman
Director of Certification

Jessica Roberts
Associate Director of Certification

Jenny Prince Real Organic Podcast
Jenny Prince

A woman wearing a blue tank top smiles while standing in front of mountains and trees.
Lauren Boling
Communication &
Database Manager

Abby Lundrigan
Certification and Farmer Liason

A man in a white long sleeved shirt addresses someone off camera. Behind him are trays of seedlings on a table and a window of a barn,.
Chris Corrigan
Certification Coordinator & Inspector

A woman in a blue tank top, bandana, and a baseball cap smiles at the camera while crouching in a field of vegetables. She holds freshly harvested turnips.
Erica Coady
Certification Coordinator & Inspector

Anthony Ramos smiles at the camera. He wears glasses and has grey and black hair and facial hair. Behind him is a pond and green grass.
Anthony Ramos
Development Director

Brandon StCyr Video Producer
Brandon StCyr