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Lisa Bunin head shot
Lisa Bunin is co-founder and director of the woman-owned consulting firm, Organic Advocacy. Lisa designs and directs projects aimed at moving organic food and agriculture from the margins to the mainstream. Partnering with innovative organic farmers, organic business, and public interest organizations, her collaborative projects advance and improve organic food production systems.

Well-known for her leadership and active participation in organic policy-making arenas, Lisa’s environmental research and advocacy spans several decades and continents. As Senior Organic Policy Director at Center for Food Safety, her work focused on curbing the spread of harmful food production technologies by challenging compromises to organic integrity and advocating organic solutions.

While living in Europe, Lisa served as NGO delegate to the UN’s London Dumping Convention, working with governments and NGOs to successfully halt the incineration of toxic waste at sea, worldwide. Appointed to Santa Cruz County’s Genetic Engineering Taskforce, she co-edited a study that convinced Supervisors to enact a moratorium on planting GE crops. Lisa has taught college courses on national and international environmental policy, social movements, and social change.

She is treasurer of the Ecological Farming Association Board, an Advisor to the National Organic Coalition, and regularly blogs on organic-related issues.