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Liz Henderson drives a tractor
Liz Henderson is a founder of Peacework Organic CSA, one of the oldest CSAs in the United States. She farmed at Peacework for over thirty years. She is also the author of a seminal work on CSA farming called Sharing the Harvest, also available in Spanish.

Liz has been involved in numerous initiatives in the food movement, from work with the Agricultural Justice Project to helping farmers have a voice in the National Organic Foods Production Act. Liz works internationally with IFOAM and with Urgenci, the International Network for Community Supported Agriculture.

Liz serves as a board member of NOFA-NY and the Agricultural Justice Project. She has worked for many years to bring greater respect and wages to both farmworkers and family-scale farmers. She is very concerned about issues of scale and power in farming and how this affects us all.