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Tuesday, January 17, 2023

“Real Organic: Stories from the Front Lines”

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Ecofarm Pre-conference Event Details

Date: Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Time: 10:00 am to 5:00 pm PT

Location: Asilomar State Beach & Conference Grounds, Monterey, CA

Lunch: Available for an additional cost

Keynote Speaker: Paul Hawken

paul hawken regeneration real organic project
Author, businessperson, and environmentalist Paul Hawken.

Author, Regeneration and Drawdown

Other speakers include:

Javier Zamora looks at the camera while wearing a Real Organic Project baseball cap. He stands in front of rows of farm plants.

“Tomorrow’s Organic Small Farm Owners. How Will They Survive?”

Javier Zamora: Current National Organic Standards Board Member, JSM Organics, CA Read more

Francis Thicke smiles at the camera while wearing a blue shirt. He stands in front of a red barn.

“We Will Always Need a Real Organic Movement: The Importance of Having Farmers Lead”

Francis Thicke Real Organic Project Executive and Standards Boards, Ph D Soil Science, Radiance Dairy, IA Read more

Jennifer Taylor smiles at the camera while outside at a farmers market, wearing a blue button up shirt.

“Is USDA's Organic Relevant To BIPOC Farmers?”

Jennifer Taylor Real Organic Project Standards Board, IFOAM World Board, Lola’s Organic Farm, GA Read more

Dru Rivers smiles at the camera during an interview outside. She wears a blue collared shirt and speaks in front of a tree with lots of green leaves in the background.

“The Time To Act Is Now”

Dru Rivers Full Belly Farm, CA Read more

Steffen Reese smiles at the camera while standing outside. Green plants are behind him.

“Add-on Certification and the World Real Organic Movement”

Steffen Reese Director of International Organic Certifier, Naturland, based in Germany Read more

Emily Oakley smiles at the camera while standing outside in a farm field.

“Why Real Organic Exists: A Farmer’s Struggle on the National Organic Standards Board”

Emily Oakley Real Organic Project Advisory Board, Three Springs Farm, OK Read more

Paul Muller smiles at the camera in front of green leaves on branches.

“Soil! What is it Good For?”

Paul Muller Real Organic Project Executive Board, Full Belly Farm, CA Read more

Alan Lewis looks at the camera while wearing a black suit and collared shirt.

“Food System Betrayal”

Alan Lewis Real Organic Project Advisory Board, Natural Grocers Vice President, CO Read more

Hugh Kent smiles at the camera wearing a button up shirt and standing outside.

“Organicide: Some Real World Effects of USDA Policy on Real Organic Agriculture”

Hugh Kent King Grove Organic Farm, FL Read more

Linley Dixon smiles at the camera wearing a hat with the Real Organic Project logo

“The Rebirth of the Organic Movement”

Linley Dixon Real Organic Project Co-Director, Ph D Plant Pathology, Adobe House Farm, CO Read more

Jesse Cool looks off camera and smiles. She wears a red hankerchief around her neck.

“How We Treat Each Other”

Jesse Cool Author of seven cookbooks, including Simply Organic, Owner Flea Street Cafe, CA Read more

Dave Chapman smiles at the camera with tomato plants behind him.

“Organic at the Crossroads”

Dave Chapman Real Organic Project Co-Director, Long Wind Farm, VT Read more


Twelve Organic movement farmers and leaders will give short Ted-style talks about their personal experiences within a dysfunctional food system and the solutions that Real Organic Project brings.

Special guest, Paul Hawken, will give the keynote on how his climate work relates to the work of the Real Organic Project.


How do we outsmart a consolidated marketplace that is so hostile to small farms? As USDA Organic is being redefined by industry, the Real Organic Project is growing rapidly. With over 1,100 certified farms across the country, Real Organic Project is offering farmers and eaters a way to find each other. But, is it growing fast enough to ensure the survival of humanity on a liveable planet?

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