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Frequently Asked Questions:

1) Does it cost money to get ROP certified?

No, there are no fees to be a Real Organic Project Farm! If farmers want to give, they can donate to ROP separate from certification, but there is no charge for certification. Eaters and farmers are currently funding the program from independent donations.

2) Is there an ROP application?

Yes, our application can be filled out online or printed and mailed to us after completing at:
Real Organic Project | c/o Linley Dixon | 31417 Highway 550 | Durango, CO 81301

The application process is not be burdensome or repetitive of the NOP process, but focuses on soil health and animal welfare practices on your farm.

3) Are there on-farm inspections for ROP?

Yes, once every five years. As an “add-on” label to USDA organic, we only require an on-farm inspection once every five years, but filling out the online application is an annual process.

4) Is there paperwork required?

No, our inspections require a farm tour and answering specific questions about your soil health and animal welfare practices.

5) Can I have a “Know Your Farmer Video”?

Yes. Every ROP certified farm can send in video footage for a “Know Your Farmer” video or request to be interviewed by their ROP inspectors. Not all ROP inspectors are trained to shoot the videos, however, so if you would like a video you can send in your own footage.

6) Can I provide feedback on the standards?

Yes, at any time! Our 15-member standards board evaluates and votes on the standards every winter. You can email linley@realorganicproject.org at any time for issues for the standards board to consider. Please use the subject: Standards

7) Is there a label I can use?

There will be soon. We are planning on releasing the ROP label this year and it can be used by any farm that is a certified Real Organic Project Farm.

8) Who can certify my farm?

If you are USDA organic certified by a “partner” accredited certifier, you are officially an ROP farm, once you pass the ROP online application. NOFA-NY, VOF, MOFGA, OEFFA and OneCert are considered “partner” certifiers. These certifiers are recognized by ROP as currently not certifying hydroponic or confinement livestock operations. If you are certified by a certifier that is not an ROP “partner,” an ROP inspector will schedule a farm visit.