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Frequently Asked Questions:

1) What is Real Organic Project certification?

Our add on certification is for farms that grow their plants in healthy, living soil and raise their animals humanely and on pasture. We exist to help farmers and consumers differentiate farms that are growing their animals and crops to not only the letter, but also the spirit, of the certified organic standards.

2) What does “add on” mean?

Real Organic Project operates as an add-on label to certified organic. This means that we only certify farms that are already certified organic.

1) Does it cost money to get Real Organic Project certified?

No, there are no fees to be a Real Organic Project farm. Our certification program is funded by eaters, farmers and private foundations that want to see a certified organic system that embodies integrity, transparency and the spirit of organic farming.

2) Is there a Real Organic Project application?

Yes, you can click here  to complete our online application. Filling out the application will only take about 15 minutes, and does not require any additional records or documents. After filling out the application you will hear back from one of our staff within 3 weeks.

3) Are there on-farm inspections for Real Organic Project?

Yes, once your application is approved one of our inspectors will arrange a one hour visit to your farm, during the growing season, to ensure that it meets all of our certification criteria. Like all parts of our certification program, the inspection is completely free for farmers.

4) How many farms are certified by Real Organic Project?

Real Organic Project currently certifies almost 500 farms across the country. We certify everything from highly diversified operations to meat and dairy farms to vegetable farms and everything in between.

6) Can I provide feedback on the standards?

Yes, at any time! Our 15-member standards board evaluates and votes on the standards every winter. You can email linley@realorganicproject.org at any time for issues for the standards board to consider. Please use the subject: Standards

7) Is there a label I can use?

Yes, once your farm has completed our application and inspection process you will have the ability to use the Real Organic Project logo on your marketing materials and on any products that we certify.