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Real Organic In California

January 20, 2020

Real Organic In California Okay, not a short letter… Sorry. The Real Organic Project is immensely busy this Winter. We are getting more farmers applying… Read more

Can Real Organic Farming Reduce Climate Change and Enhance Biodiversity

January 11, 2020

Can Real Organic Farming Reduce Climate Change and Enhance Biodiversity? By Jean-Paul Stewart-Courtens I will start off with a somber fact; agriculture has a terrible… Read more

My Agricultural Grandparents by Eliot Coleman

January 4, 2020

  Eliot Coleman will be one of the keynote speakers at the Real Organic Project symposium at Dartmouth on April 3 & 4. In 2019,… Read more

The Return Of The Light

January 1, 2020

In the dark of the year, we celebrate the return of the light. That is exactly what the Real Organic Project is about. We are… Read more

Pete’s Greens and Dartmouth Symposium

December 9, 2019

Pete’s Greens And Dartmouth Symposium Our Know Your Farmer video this week is Pete’s Greens in Craftsbury, VT. Farmer Pete Johnson has built one of… Read more

Legend Organic Farm And NOSB Testimony

December 1, 2019

Legend Organic Farm and NOSB Testimony We were happy to certify Legend Organic Farm as part of the Real Organic Project this summer. The iconic… Read more