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Know Your Farmer Videos

In the summer of 2018, we inspected and certified over 60 farms according to the Real Organic Project standards. Each of these family farms has demonstrated their commitment to growing food in living soils and raising their animals on pasture.

2019 inspections have already begun! – You can sign up here to be notified when new videos are released.

Know Your Farmer | La Ferme des Quatre-Temps | Québec

From Farmers and “Organic Experts”: Jean-Martin Fortier doesn’t need to be certified with the Canadian Organic Growers. But he is. He doesn’t need to be certified with the Real Organic Project. But he is. Selling all of his crops directly to eaters and restaurants, JM is a living example of Know Your Farmer. JM (as he is known to his friends) is already seen by his customers as a skilled organic farmer growing the highest quality food. For JM’s customers, Know Your Farmer is a reality. Read more…..

Know Your Farmer
Full Belly Farm

Full Belly Farm grows over 80 different organic crops on 400 acres of land in northern California. With a sharp focus on biodiversity, the farm plants large swaths for pollinators and produces their own fertility on-site by cover cropping. Multiple generations share ownership and manage year-round labor on the farm. Listen as Paul Muller explains how the fundamental wisdom of organic lies in soil health. Watch the Full Belly Farm Video.

Know Your Farmer
The Milkhouse

The Milkhouse Dairy Farm and Creamery in Maine milks a small herd of 30-35 rotationally grazed cows. Due to their desire to sell their milk and yogurt to local consumers and processors in their community, they’ve recently been notified that their contract with Horizon Organics will be terminated. Listen as farmers Caitlin Frame and Andy Smith tell their story and share a glimpse of life on their farm. Watch the Milkhouse Video.

Know Your Farmer
Radiance Dairy

Francis Thicke is a former National Organic Standards Board member and USDA soil scientist. He milks 90 dairy cows, processing his milk and yogurt on the farm and selling it all locally. Learn how rich prairie soils can be built through proper management of rotational grazing. Watch the Radiance Dairy Video.

Know Your Farmer
Three Springs Farm

Emily Oakley and Mike Appel discuss their choice to grow as much of their own fertility as possible on their farm, in an effort to reduce using the non-sustainable resources that remain acceptable in the organic standards. Watch the Three Springs Farm Video.

Know Your Farmer
Wheatfield Hill Organics

Helen Kees, born and raised on the same family farm she works on today with her grandson in Wisconsin, discusses her relationship with the land and how small farms keep dollars circulating in the local economy. Watch the Wheatfield Hill Organics Video.

Know Your Farmer
Roxbury Farm
New York

Jean-Paul Courtens of Roxbury farm integrates grazing systems and multi-species cover cropping into his organic vegetable production to increase soil biological activity and minimize the use of off-farm inputs. He is optimistic in the face of climate change through his experiments in carbon sequestration on his own land. Watch the Roxbury Farm Video.

Know Your Farmer
Ela Family Farms

Steve Ela of Ela Family Farms in Hotchkiss, CO shares how he manages his organic perennial fruit orchard with a holistic eye. Grateful for the long view that a multi-year crop like trees gives the grower, Steve and family implement highly sophisticated low-impact practices that “benefit the commons” rather than polluting. Steve shares his secrets to naturally controlling the infamous apple codling moth and green peach aphids – pests that result in the massive use of harmful pesticides in conventional fruit production. In the 1950s, Steve’s grandfather was one of the first to plant cover crops in an orchard. Watch the Ela Family Farms Video.

Know Your Farmer
Spiral Path

Mike grows organic produce on 300 acres near Harrisburg, PA with his wife Terra and sons Lucas and Will, relying on trusted soil building techniques for over 30 years. He is passionate about not allowing hydroponic fruits and vegetables to use the USDA Organic label and is shocked that our government has enabled the United States to become the hydroponic “dumping ground for the world.” Although many hydroponic vegetables are grown in Europe, Mexico, and Canada, they are forbidden to be labeled organic in the countries where they’re grown!Watch the Spiral Path Farm Video.

Know Your Farmer
High Meadows Farm

Vermont farmer Howie Prussack describes his mixed veggie operation, High Meadows Farm, and his love for growing food in the soil. He uses techniques such as cover cropping and landscape fabric to keep the soil covered on his hilly acreage. Organic matter in his soil has increased significantly in the years he has been farming. He touches on the importance of small farms in maintaining the health of rural communities across America. Watch the High Meadows Farm Video.

Know Your Farmer
Hobbs & Meyer

Dan and Nanna of Hobbs & Meyer Farms in Avondale, Colorado grow heritage grains, garlic, pepper and seeds adapted to the arid Southwest. For them, the organic label has been invaluable. They sell their heirloom seed to National seed companies and their produce to big chains such as Whole Foods and Natural Grocers and are passionately involved in training the next generation of farmers on their own farm. Watch the Hobbs & Meyer Farm Video.