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Certified Real Organic Project farms: 

Certified farms are welcome to use the Real Organic Project logo on their products, either by incorporating the logo into your own design, or by purchasing labeling materials below. 

The digital file of the Real Organic Project logo image can also be downloaded below. 

Please review our Logo Use Guidelines! Processed products (examples: salsas, sauces, cheeses, jams, etc.) must be approved to bear the Real Organic Project logo.

Don’t see what you need?

Email Abby (abby@realorganicproject.org) with questions, ideas, requests, or for help labeling your farm’s certified products. 

We can also help with:

  • Creating customized brochures or signage explaining why you became a Real Organic Project farm.

  • Coordinating with retailers in your community to promote Real Organic producers in stores and co-ops.

  •  Providing logo files or designing artwork for rubber bands, tags, or other products you use on your farm.

  • Drafting text for your website, newsletter, blog post, or other ways you want to communicate with your customers about Real Organic Project and your certification.