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New Episodes Released Each Tuesday

Ep 048: Kris Nichols Pt 2: Carbon Sequestration Is Our Responsibility
In our continued conversation with Dr. Kris Nichols she shares her deep knowledge of soil carbon sequestration using organic farming practices.

Ep 047: Kris Nichols Pt 1: Farm-Geeking Out On Soil Biology
Soil microbiologist Dr. Kris Nichols takes us underground to celebrate the evolution of mycorrhizae, the mysteries of glue-like glomalin, and the life-giving role of carbon in our soils.

Ep 046: Michael Kilpatrick: Small Farms Can Earn Good Livings
Farmer and Thriving Podcast host Michael Kilpatrick offers business advice for the struggles small farmers face today, along with observations about the unsettling state of organic.

Ep 045: Eric Sideman: Organic Means You Must Love Soil
Longtime organic farmer, ecologist, ag policy expert, and MOFGA technical agent Eric Sideman shares his observations of the organic movement's slow collision with the organic industry.

Ep 044: Alan Lewis: Why Real Farm Food Is Rarely Found In Stores
Alan Lewis of Natural Grocers offers a (pretty disturbing) take on how consolidation in distribution and supply is playing out on store shelves, to the disadvantage of small farmers.

Ep 043: Woody Tasch: Investing In Your Local Soil With Slow Money
Founder of Slow Money and Beetcoin Woody Tasch shares his enthusiasm for grassroots community investing and the strength of zero-percent loans for organic famers.

Ep 042: Anne Ross: Investigating International Grain Fraud
Anne Ross of the Cornucopia Institute walks us through her years-long investigation and exposure of massive grain fraud under the USDA organic seal.

Ep 041: Ben Dobson: Luddites, Take-nologists, + 4th Grade Climate Science
Real Organic farmer Ben Dobson of Stone House Grain and Hudson Carbon offers clear explanations of how our agricultural practices effect natural cycles and Earth's climate.

Ep 040: Jennifer Taylor: Infusing Farmers With The Organic Experience
Advocate, academic, and Real Organic farmer Jennifer Taylor shares her experiences serving a 5-year term on the NOSB and her success in role-modeling organic practices for farmers at Florida AMU.

Ep 039: Walter Jehne Part 2: The True Costs Of Cheap Food
The second half of our conversation with soil and Climate scientist Walter Jehne focuses on the rise of health costs and decline of available nutrients connected to industrial agriculture.

Ep 038: Walter Jehne Part 1: Hydrology, Desertification and Climate
Austrailian soil microbiologist and Climate scientist Walter Jehne shifts the conversation away from carbon emissions and towards restoring healthy water cycles to heal Earth.

Ep 037: Didi Pershouse: Water, Water, Water And The Soil Carbon Sponge
Medical practitioner turned regenerative soil advocate Didi Pershouse dives into the critical roles played by water and the soil carbon sponge in staving off the Climate Crisis.

Ep 036: Nora Taleb: Lessons From Europe's Add-On Food Labels
Nora Taleb of Germany's Naturland provides insight into the success of Europe's food labeling system and how it has helped to define and strengthen the organic landscape.

Ep 035: Michael Phillips: Restoring Degraded Lands With Outrageous Biodiversity
Author, Real Organic orchardist, and fungal network devotee Michael Phillips speaks about biological practices that allow all species to play their intended role on Earth.

Ep 034: Francis Thicke: Unpacking The Industrial Takeover Of Organic
Real Organic dairy farmer and former National Organic Standards Board member Francis Thicke goes deep on how the USDA bowed to corporate players and what that means for us all.

Ep 033: Annelise Orleck: Invisible Farm Workers + Unconscious Consumers
Labor historian and Dartmouth professor Annelise Orleck explains the rising popularity of goods produced by invisible hands in western society and the negative effects on our food system.

Ep 032: Karen Washington: Growing Diversity In The Farming Community
Farmer and community activist Karen Washington speaks to the importance of growing visible diversity at agricultural conferences and in our fields.

Ep 031: Fred Provenza: What Animals Eat And Why Should We Care?
Biologist and animal behaviorist Fred Provenza shares his lifetime of research on the innate nutritional wisdom displayed by grazing animals and why we humans should take note.

Ep 030: David Grinspoon: Childhood's End: What Kind Of Planet Changers Do We Want To Be?
NASA astrobiologist, professor and author David Grinspoon wonders if humanity can develop enough self-awareness about its role as a geological force to stave off the next mass extinction.

Episode 029: John Ikerd, Part Two: Scaling Organic Farms To Fit Nature And Communities
The second half of our conversation with agricultural economist John Ikerd dismantles the assumptions around standards and efficiencies on real organic farms.

Episode 028: John Ikerd, Part One: Industrial Food Can Never Be Sustainable
Agricultural economist John Ikerd spells out the true meaning of a milk glut and how it sets the stage for a market takeover, as seen in the Horizon/ Danone contract cancellations of August 2021.

Episode 027: David Montgomery: Clever Modern Technology vs Ancient Soil Wisdom
Geologist and author David Montgomery speaks to the relationship between soil degradation and the collapse of civilizations throughout time.

Episode 026: Anne Biklé Part Two: From Soil to Gut
In our continued conversation with author, biologist, and gardener Anne Biklé, focus shifts to the human microbiome and its complex relationship to foods grown in soil.

Episode 025: Anne Biklé Part One: Digging Into the Soil Microbiome
Author, biologist, and gardener Anne Biklé takes us on a tour of the characters and processes that give life to our soil, and ultimately to our food.

Episode 024: Bill McKibben: Winning the Climate Argument But Losing the Fight
Climate activist and author Bill McKibben discusses what it takes to build a movement big enough to topple Big Power and why organic needs one.

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Episode 023: Allan Savory: Regreening the Planet with Livestock
Allan Savory, the founder of Holistic Management International, lays out how the management of grazing animals is our most-effective tool against Climate Change (above fire).

Episode 022: Arran Stephens: Fighting the Lobbyists Who Dilute Organic
The co-founder of Nature's Path, Arran Stephens, sells us on the beauty of being an activist-business person hybrid and why the organic food world needs more brands like his family's.

Episode 021: Stuart Hill: Sustainable Farming, Intuitive Knowledge + Feedback Loops
Social ecologist, professor, and author Stuart Hill of the University if Western Sydney shares deep insights about the state of science, farming, and knowledge in today's world.

Episode 020: Jean-Paul Courtens: To Till Or Not To Till
Biodynamic farmer JP Courtens discusses organic farming practices in our changing climate and the complex layers of the tillage conversation for those growing vegetables.

Episode 019: Enid Wonnacott: When the Organic Floor Became a Ceiling
Longtime director of NOFA Vermont Enid Wonnacott shares her observations of how the organic playing field has changed since the drafting of the Organic Foods Production Act in 1990.

Episode 018: Vincent Stanley: The Power of Private Companies Working to Protect Earth
Co-author of The Responsible Company with his uncle Yvon Chouinard and longtime Director of Marketing at Patagonia, Vincent Stanley talks about the role of B Corps and the future of organic.

Episode 017: Hugh Kent: Allowing Hydroponic Berries Into Organic Is A Mandate
Real Organic blueberry farmer Hugh Kent shares the struggles and injustices he encounters competing in a market (organic berries) against corporate hydro growers who focus on price and not flavor.

Episode 016: Kat Taylor: How to Grow Good Money + Good Food for All
Green banker and regenerative cattle ranch owner Kat Taylor talks about the hard work involved in transforming capitalism into a system that allows all people and species on Earth to thrive.

Episode 015: Onika Abraham: Voting with Your Fork Won't End Food Apartheid
NYC Farm School founder Onika Abraham delves into the long history and potentially bright future of growing good food in urban spaces where cooperation and access to the commons is vital.

Episode 014: Mark Schatzker: Deception and Dishonesty are Flavoring Human Nutrition
Author and journalist Mark Schatzker reveals how the flavor industry manipulates our tongues and steers our food choices, causing us to miss out on the superior taste and nutrition found in real foods.

Episode 013: Alice Waters: The Cost of Eating Fast Food Values
Renowned Slow Food chef Alice Waters delivers the long view on what our modernized, industrialized food system has really been feeding our society and why we're eating it up.

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Episode 012: Paul Holmbeck: How Denmark Went Organic
Policy expert Paul Holmbeck walks us through what it took for Denmark to embrace the concept that organic food production is good for all Danes, even those who don't buy organic food.

Episode 011: Seth Godin: The Power of the Organic Story is Too Tempting for Big Ag
Stand-out marketer and prolific author Seth Godin helps us understand how farmers can tell their our own stories better than corporate deceivers and grow the Real Organic movement.

Episode 010: Joan Gussow: Tying Nutrition to Agriculutre is Long Overdue
Luminary author, policy expert, and professor of Nutritional Ecology Joan Dye Gussow lets loose about processed foods, health statistics, and the dangers of Big Food's grip on us all.

Episode 009: JM Fortier: Feeding the World with Small, Organic Farms
Proponent of hand tools, people power, and small-scale diversified farming JM Fortier (aka The Market Gardener) discusses the path ahead for replanting Organic back in the soil.

Episode 008: Eliot Coleman: Real Organic vs. Chemical Farming
Four-season farming icon, author, and early contributor to the national organic standards + program Eliot Coleman lends his views on what's gone wrong at the USDA and why.

Episode 007: Emily Oakley: Living Next to a CAFO while Serving on the NOSB
Farmer Emily Oakley shares her experience serving on the National Organic Standards Board through the notorious 2017 hydroponics vote, as well as what it's like living in CAFO country.

Episode 006: Peter Whoriskey: Uncovering Fraud in Organic Meat, Milk, Eggs, + Grain
Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Peter Whoriskey brings us the behind the scenes story of his 2017 Washington Post exposés that revealed massive fraud in the (industrial) organic marketplace.

Episode 005: Al Gore: Climate, Agriculture, + Human Migration
Former VP Al Gore discusses his decision to certify his Caney Fork Farms of Tennessee with the Real Organic Project, as well as his take on how our movement can succeed in today's world.

Episode 004: Leah Penniman: Revolution Based On Land
Farmer, activist, and educator Leah Penniman ties the history and recent history of America's exploitative land grabs to the global resource takeovers happening today.

Episode 003: Dan Barber: Chasing Fertility + America’s Absent Food Culture
Chef, author and seed company founder Dan Barber gets to the heart of why our young country has yet to align its ecological needs with its agricultural demands.

Episode 002: Paul Hawken: Extractive Capitalism’s Toll on Food, Farming + Life
Climate activist and author of Drawdown Paul Hawken shares his observations about how Big Ag and Big Food are shaping the world for the worse.

Episode 001: All About Real Organic Project + The Real Organic Podcast
Find out more about why our movement was created to protect organic farms and food from corporate interests looking to take over the marketplace.

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