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Real Organic Project Symposium:
April 3 & 4, 2020 | Dartmouth College | 9am – 5pm

25 speakers including keynotes from author Paul Hawken, Congresswoman Chellie Pingree, iconic organic farmer Eliot Coleman, and astrobiologist David Grinspoon. Click here to buy tickets

The Real Organic Project announces our second annual Dartmouth symposium, “Earth In Human Hands- A Path Forward.” Over two star-studded days, we will examine the ways in which agriculture impacts us as a species. Most especially we will look at how real organic farming is critical to our health, and even to our survival.

photo grid of speakers for the 2020 real organic project symposium, including paul hawken, chellie pingree, eliot coleman and JM fortier

Keynote Speaker: Paul Hawken

Paul Hawken – author and environmentalist

Our April 4th evening keynote speaker for the symposium will be Paul Hawken. Paul will continue the conversation that he began with Drawdown: The Most Comprehensive Plan Ever Proposed to Reverse Global Warming. It has been two years since Paul edited this international bestseller. He is now working on the sequel, which will offer a specific path to global regeneration in one lifetime. Paul will share his rich thinking with us on how to work together as a species to transform our agriculture, silviculture, and aquaculture. Paul serves on the Advisory Board of the Real Organic Project.

Congresswoman Chellie Pingree (Maine)

Paul will be introduced by Congresswoman Chellie Pingree. Chellie has been a hero in Congress to organic farmers for years. She is still a Maine organic farmer herself. She continues to be our strongest voice in government, calling for a return to the integrity that the National Organic Program was originally based on. Chellie came to Thetford three years ago to speak at the first rally for organic integrity, along with Senator Pat Leahy and Congressman Peter Welch. They joined a respected group of organic farmers on a wagon in a field. We were speaking to protect the organic movement we had all worked so hard to create.

Our daytime keynote speakers are Eliot Coleman and David Grinspoon. Eliot is a pioneering organic farmer, researcher, teacher, and author who has led thousands of farmers to choose an organic path. I am lucky enough to be one of his early students. His book, The New Organic Grower, has become a bible for many organic farmers. His many interviews, talks, and articles have helped hundreds of thousands of people to gain a deeper understanding of biological farming. Eliot doesn’t just teach techniques. He teaches ways of thinking. He remains deeply engaged in these public conversations about what “organic” means, often fighting to defend real organic against the corporate redefinition. Eliot serves on the Advisory Board of the Real Organic Project.

We are pleased to have Dr. David Grinspoon speak on April 3rd. David is a former NASA astrobiologist who has written the book, Earth In Human Hands: Shaping Our Planet’s Future, about the existential dilemma that we all face as we unwittingly transform Mother Earth. “The Anthropocene dilemma,” Grinspoon said, “is that we have global influence without global control. So far we’re acting like adolescent planet vandals.” The questions that he asks are the deep dilemmas that we must face as a planet altering organism.

List of Speakers and Schedule:

Friday, April 3, Filene Auditorium, Dartmouth College 9am-5pm, $50 ticketClick here to buy tickets.

Organic Farmer Panel: Real Organic Farming for Climate Change

Organic Rancher Glenn Elzinga: Farming and Nutrition

Friday Keynote: Astrophysist Dr. Keynote David Grinspoon: Earth in Human Hands

Forrest Town and Ralf Carestia: Two Dartmouth Students on the road for Real Organic

Organic Farmer, Former NOSB member Dr. Jennifer Taylor: The invincibility of the organic movement

Eliot Coleman, Emily Oakley, and JM Fortier: The Future of Organic Farming.

Saturday, April 4, Spaulding Auditorium, Dartmouth College 9am-5pm, $50 ticket. Click here to buy tickets.

Dr. Linley Dixon: Real Organic is Farmer-led 

Former NOSB members Testify: Reclaiming the word “Organic”

Dr. Fred Provenza: Farming for Nourishment

Alan Lewis: The Organic Supply Chain

Anne Ross, J.D.: Organic Grain Fraud 

JM Fortier: Why we Must Find a Different Path

Javier Zamora: Farming as if Farmworkers Matter

Dr. Tyrone Hayes: David vs. Goliath, One Scientist vs. Syngenta

Peter Whoriskey: Washington Post Reports on Organic Integrity 

Hugh Kent: Struggling for Survival in Organic Blueberry Markets

Emily Oakley: My Experience with the USDA

Dave Chapman: Why The Real Organic Project?

Saturday Keynote: Eliot Coleman: What is Organic Farming?

Saturday Evening Keynote, Spaulding Auditorium, Dartmouth College 6:30pm, $15 ticket. Click here to buy tickets.

Congresswoman Chellie Pingree

Paul Hawken – Keynote: Drawdown