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2019 Real Organic Project Symposium:
March 2, 2019 at Dartmouth College, 9am – 5pm.

Hosted by the Real Organic Project and the Dartmouth Sustainability Office, with talks by:
Eliot Coleman: Keynote“Defining Organic Farming”
Anne Biklé: Keynote“Soil Health and Human Health. Forever Bound”
Francis Thicke“Ecology as a Model for Real Organic Farming”
Jean-Paul Courtens: – Roxbury Farm – “What have we learned? Healthy Soils for a Healthy Climate”
Alan Lewis“Taking their hands off the easy button: Why retail stores all look alike and how ROP can stop it”
Dave Chapman:“The Real Organic Project After One Year. Why Were We Created and Where Are We Heading?”
Emily Oakley:“Working Toward a Low-Input Organic Vegetable Farm”
b>Paul Muller: – “400 acres, 3 generations, and 34 years later. The Story of California’s Most Prominent Organic Pioneers and Why Real Organic Matters”
Dave Mortensen: “The State Of Organic Farming; A Scientist’s Perspective”
Linley Dixon:“60 Pilot Farms of the Real Organic Project- What Happens Next”
Onika Abraham: – “Organic Soil Farming In New York City”
Jay Feldman:“My Time on the National Organic Standards Board and Why the Real Organic Project Is Critical”
Caitlin Frame: – The Milkhouse Farm- “Real Organic Dairy Farming in Maine”
Cameron Molberg:“Pasture Based Poultry and Domestic Grain in Texas”
Harriet Behar:“Building an Inclusive Message. How To Embrace Rather Than Alienate”
Hugh Kent: – “The Reversal Of Organic Progress”