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2022 Weekly Journal Letters

07-17-2022: A Soil and Health Discussion – David Montgomery Transcript

07-03-2022: Mycorrhizae Relationships – “It's Not Sex (But It's Sexy)”

06-26-2022: Organic's Law Of Return

06-05-2022: A Simple Lie or a Complex Truth

05-29-2022: What Your Food Ate

05-22-2022: The Farmers' Stand

05-08-2022: Dear NOSB: Dave's NOSB Reflection

05-01-2022: Sustainable Agriculture Continuum: A National Organic Standards Board Spring Meeting Reflection & Testimony

04-24-2022: Paul Hawken Regeneration

04-17-2022: Climate Smart Agriculture is Organic Farming

04-10-2022: King Grove Farm and Fairy Godmothers

04-03-2022: A Milk And Money Victory with Kevin Engelbert

03-28-2022: Remembering Samuel Kaymen

03-13-2022: Remembering Michael Phillips

02-27-2022: Losing Organic Meaning with Michael Pollan

02-20-2022: Disappearing Barn Lights with Helen Kees

01-09-2022: Farmer Activists: We don't farm in a vacuum


12-06-2021: Farewell Senator Leahy

11-22-2021: The most complex, radical technologies on earth

11-14-2021: The Great Organic Food Fraud: Some Surprises

11-07-2021: Real Change: The Political Ecology Of Food

10-31-2021: Taste This: Lessons From Stone Barns

10-16-2021: Why Doesn't the USDA Support Farm To Fork?

10-09-2021: Glorious Grasses: Diversified Pasture Management

09-27-2021: We Need A Movement – Calls To Action

09-20-2021: Danone To The Rescue?

09-12-2021: CAFOs In The Desert

09-05-2021: Which Kind Of Green Is Danone Interested In?

09-01-2021: Danone Abandons Organic Farmers

08-10-2021: Wisdom of the Mother Tree

08-03-2021: Everything Is Connected

07-27-2021: Without Transparency There Is No Integrity

07-20-2021: Talking About A Green Revolution

07-13-2021: Redefining Farming – New York Times Article Response

07-06-2021: Leah & Joan Podcast Highlights

06-20-2021: Attention

06-13-2021: Should Organic Be One Brand?

06-06-2021: Two Wolves And A Lamb Vote On Lunch

06-03-2021: Secretary Vilsack Responds

05-23-2021: Vilsack Meets With Organic Farmers

05-16-2021: Asking For Permission

05-11-2021: We Must Be Smarter

04-25-2021: A “Crazy Good” Organic Berry

04-23-2021: Francis Thicke's NOSB Farewell

04-17-2021: Why Real Organic Matters Video Release

04-12-2021: Grain By Grain

04-05-2021: A Farmer-Led Label

03-29-2021: We Fought the Law and the Law Won

03-22-2021: Jon Tester at the OFA Annual Meeting 

03-15-2021: Stronger Together

02-23-2021: Who Owns Organic?

01-25-2021: Nourishment

01-05-2021: What Is Soil Health?

12-28-2021: The Third Path

11-11-2021: We Won the Debate. Now We're In A Fight. 

11-02-2021: Doesn't Everyone Deserve Organic?


10-05-2020: Real Organic Label Is Sweeping The Nation

07-13-2020: Paul Hawken Letter To The Editor

07-06-2020: Organic Grain Fraud

06-29-2020: Can Real Organic Scale?

06-22-2020: Farm Labor at Swanton Berry Farm

06-10-2020: Black Lives Matter

05-26-2020: Which Came First- The Organic Chicken Or The Organic CAFO?

05-10-2020: Whose Government Is It?

05-03-2020: What Do A Rancher And A Vegan Have In Common?

04-26-2020: Dear USDA, What Will It Take?

04-19-2020: How Long Could Your Community Feed Itself?

04-12-2020: What Food Do We Want?

04-05-2020: Dear NOSB

03-31-2020: Is It The Best Of Markets Or The Worst Of Markets?

03-25-2020: Stories From The Front Lines

03-18-2020: Strange Days: Symposium Postponed

03-09-2020: Paul Hawken Keynote and Podcast

03-02-2020: Dear Regenerative Movement: Meet The Organic Movement

02-26-2020: CCOF Board Meeting Takes on Hydroponics

02-16-2020: California Protecting Organic

02-09-2020: California Rising

02-02-2020: Hydroponic Tour In California

01-26-2020: Real Organic Farmers In California with Jim Durst

01-19-2020: Real Organic In California with Paul Muller

01-12-2020: Can Real Organic Farming Reduce Climate Change And Enhance Biodiversity? with Jean-Paul Stewart-Courtens

01-05-2020: My Agricultural Grandparents By Eliot Coleman


12-29-2019: The Return Of The Light

12-08-2019: Pete's Greens And Dartmouth Symposium

12-01-2019: Legend Organic And NOSB Testimony

11-24-2019: Cheap Food High Costs

11-17-2019: Organic AND Pastured Eggs

11-17-2019: Organic AND Pastured Eggs

11-10-2019: May The Fork Be With You

11-03-2019: 5th Generation Dairy In Crisis

10-27-2019: Of The People, By The People, For The People

10-20-2019: Earth in Human Hands

10-13-2019: Agricultural Efficiencies

10-06-2019: I Choose Farming

09-29-2019: Vermont Farmers Speak Out

09-15-2019: The Silence of Our Friends

09-08-2019: The Next Generation Speaks Out

08-18-2019: Real Organic Project Debates OTA (Organic Trade Association)

07-14-2019: Farmers And “Organic Experts”

07-07-2019: Do We Dare Speak Out?

06-09-2019: The USDA Gives In

06-04-2019: Instant Organic Continues To Be Allowed. Just Add Water.

04-07-2019: USDA Organic Now Allows Herbicides

03-28-2019: The Truth About Real Organic Food In The Supply Chain

03-22-2019: To Enid With Gratitude

03-10-2019: The Organic Community Gathered At Dartmouth

02-12-2019: Dear Sonny Perdue: Do Better!

02-06-2019: EcoFarm 2019: As The Community Gathers, Resilience Is Fertile


11-11-2018: Greener Pastures: Can We Save Organic?

05-15-2018: Real Organic Project Pilot Program

03-07-2018: Real Organic Project Add On Label

02-16-2018: The Real Organic Project is Born

01-03-2018: The Night They Drove Organic Down